I want it to be wild & passionate
& for most days to be easy
& for the bad days to be fucked up
So that the most days make the term “love” seem inadequate
I want spectators to be green with how
Curious about our red
I want it to be raw & loud
Quiet & understated
I want it to engulf everything that we are
Until we are perpectually aflame
I want this until I expire
& then after
Every lifetime & the next & the next & the next & the next & the next…

|Sheena O. Murray|
Oct 19
And The Next

And I will love you
As as you are
Without expectation
From here…

Oct 18

Where is the lie? -Pierre
Oct 15


Where is the lie?

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"Yes, part of her waves were seen. But much of her aura was oceanic— Deep. Dark. Hidden. For many were unprepared for the nature of her wonder; often taking advantage of the vast love she herald within. But they mistook her reservations to give away her Atlantis for fear. No she wasn’t afraid, she knew there will be one to rule with and love the paradise she keeps hidden, one willing to dive without equivocation. Until then, hers was more than enough."


"Oceanic" , Dae D. Lee (Daeizm)

Inspiration from Karie D.

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Oct 15

Sometimes there is chaos in the silence here
It is loud and imposing in the spaces between sanity and peace
So I wrap my arms around it and stroke it until it sleeps
Cooing “it’s okay, you belong here, too”…
|Sheena O. Murray|

Oct 14

86,400 seconds in a day
I ought to be ashamed at how many I’ve devoted to pretending that my hands are yours
|Sheena O. Murray|

Oct 14

Awake, dancing with the moon
And breathlessly tangoing with thoughts…
of you-sual
|Sheena O. Murray

Oct 13
Oct 11



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Oct 11

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